Superior Solutions Involving Technology

Posted in: Case Studies | January 26, 2011 at 4:15 PM
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One of our clients is an industry leader in high-level business simulation and training. In mid-2011, the firm was at an inflection point in its business. 

Well-established and well-respected, offering superior solutions involving technology, training and decision-making, our client was about to embark upon hiring its first sales professional. 

The Sales Zone worked collaboratively with the founder and other partners of this firm to engineer an interviewing process that would enable the firm to evaluate a broad slate of candidates for this national search, as well as provide assistance on sales compensation, and the offer process. 

The company’s complex and sophisticated offering meant that it needed a sales person who would: 

  • Have a strong hunter profile
  • Be process-oriented and well-organized in order to move opportunities through the sales funnel
  • Have some experience working remotely, or have the business maturity to do so
  • Be able to grasp the concepts of the client’s offering as well as the business outcomes 

Result: The Sales Zone successfully placed a senior sales professional within the organization, thus realizing a major aspect of the company’s overall growth strategy.