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Settling the Active vs. Candidate Debate

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  • By Kim Cole, Cofounder of The Sales Zone

    Let's settle the "active candidates are better than passive candidates" debate once and for all!

    With unemployment among college-educated workers at an all-time low, a common misconception about active versus passive candidates is once again floating around. During the tech boom of the late 90’s we first heard the term ‘War for Talent’ which came about as a result of companies not being able to fill positions fast enough. Recruiters and hiring managers clambered for a more proactive way to find candidates. Somehow a perception formed that a so-called passive candidate was better than an active one. In addition to that, syndicated research companies sell data suggesting that passive candidates are somehow better. At The Sales Zone, we have a different perspective informed by more than 15 years of being in the search and placement business.