Working Collaboratively With Hiring Managers

Posted in: Case Studies | January 26, 2011 at 4:14 PM
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A public company in the technology-based training space (SaaS/cloud) needed to take a new direction and engaged The Sales Zone as a search partner to help build their business-to-government  and business-to-business sales team.  

The Sales Zone worked collaboratively with our client’s hiring managers and internal recruiting organization through a well-defined process of identifying, screening and thoroughly vetting candidates who met and exceeded their expectations. Our client was well-known in the consumer arena, and it needed to bolster its enterprise level sales organization; The Sales Zone was tasked with sourcing, interviewing and presenting professional sales people and sales leadership who understood how to not only how to sell in a SaaS model, but also how to sell business outcomes. 

Our client needed to hire in four key areas: 

  • Key geographic markets
  • Specific vertical markets
  • The federal government
  • Sales leadership

Result: The Sales Zone successfully placed top talent in all four key positions.  These positions required a highly specific skill set and each candidate had to complete a demanding interview process.